A flavour of what I help organisations with :

  • Innovation Management & New Product Development – from mind to market & ideas to impact; nurture & curate relevant ecosystems; deploy collaborative design thinking for co-creating novel solutions
  • Strategic Planning, Vision, Advisory, Marketing; New Business Development – scaling up in emerging markets (evangelizing a Australia-Asia Innovation Corridor); helping get Pitch Perfect, Investor Readiness
  • Areas of focus: IoT, Connected Devices, Smart Mobility, Wearables, 3D visualisation/immersive story-telling (using AR/VR-MR tech), AI & Deep Learning, Industry-Academia / Startup-Corporate Collaboration, Big Data Analytics
  • Industry Domains: ICT, Media-tech, Health-tech/Wellness, Edu-tech, Fin-tech, Energy, Transport, (Connected Living/Smart Cities)…

Emerging Mega-trends, New Paradigms: Visions of Future Mobility & Immersive User Experiences

  • focus theme: Beyond Content to Immersive Experiences – emerging technologies/innovations, key trends & visions shaping the future of a smarter/connected world.
  • multimedia convergence covering new paradigms in the TIME – Telecom, Internet, Media & Edutainment domains.
  • focus on: innovations in and emergence of new age-devices from mass-market/simple, lifestyle to wearable and future potential categories (some of my journey from launching the world’s first integrated cameraphone outside Japan, 1st LCAD – world’s lowest cost mobile phone and tablet, 1st HD Blu-ray movie phone with Hollywood and Bollywood, 1st Augmented Reality game for Symbian Smartphones, etc).
  • future of MVAS (Mobile Value Added Services) with key Content and Services / ‘Apponomy’ trends (with emerging business models & new age discoverability in the times of ‘big data’ and ‘mass digital clutter’; exploiting big data elements for rapid enlightenment to actionable big insights).
  • Connected Everything from smartphones, smart cars, smart homes to smart wearables – M2M/Web3.0/Internet of Things/Everything (IoT/IoE), also covering the mega-trend of ‘app-cessories’ and ‘gamification’ across verticals such as M-Learning & Health-tech. Driving ‘Simplexity’ out of the box. 
  • emerging paradigms in mEducation, mHealth, smart Cities and smart Living. 
  • various snippets of some case-studies, use-cases (PCaaS – new-age cloud/grid/utility computing), Wireless meets Wellness,..
  • Inno-tech showcase/practical demonstrations/experiential hands-on sessions with new ‘gadgets/gizmos/tools of the future’ and rapidly deriving strong local value propositions (from neuro/brainwave-sensors, mobile video holograms to smart glasses/eye-wear), various wearable-tech from head-to-toe.   

Anuraj Gambhir is an internationally recognized Strategic Business/Startup Advisor, Technology Visionary and Innovation Evangelist 

As an Innovation catalyst Anuraj assists organizations to spearhead their innovation agenda. He has over 27 years’ experience working across the mobile ecosystem spanning 5 continents. A few prominent companies he has worked for include: NASA/JPL, Optus, Logica/Aethos, T-Mobile, Orange, GSM Association, Sharp, Siemens, Spice, Ericsson, MTS, Globacom.

Anuraj has worked from hands-on technical roles to senior executive management positions (holding titles from Chief Dreamer to President / Group Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer). He is well regarded as an industry visionary and deeply valued for his cross-domain thought leadership.

Simplexity’ (a term he coined) is the essence of his work in curating relevant ecosystems, embracing digital disruption, designing compelling solutions and delightful end user experiences. Leading Strategic Planning, Vision & Advisory, Technology Marketing, New Business/Product Development, Industry-Academia Collaboration, Innovation Management from ‘mind-to-market’ & ‘ideas-to-impact’. He has spearheaded several innovations in the advanced as well as grass-root level mobile domain in mature and emerging markets. He steers his efforts on deep value creation via strategic business development, cross-industry collaboration and nurturing breakthrough concepts using holistic design thinking leading to disruptive/radical innovation.

His focus on exponential technology applications include emerging smart devices/hardware with a strong emphasis on Wearable-tech, IoT, AI, multimedia convergence, 3D Visualization, mEducation, mHealth, HNI (Human-Nature Interface) and seamless access as a part of the connected world. NeuroTech and ‘Technology meets Spirituality’ are amongst his passion areas.

He is a valued advisory board member of several organizations globally, mentoring various Tech start-ups, guiding and leading innovation projects with both small & large organizations along with teaching as adjunct faculty with various global Business Schools (subjects ranging from Entrepreneurship, Strategic Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, Growing Global to Business Disruptive Technologies).

Pushing the limits and living to making a difference. Anuraj aspires to develop solutions that make a difference in under-privileged communities around the world by humanizing technology – transforming digital divides to massive opportunities. He likes to push the limits of technology application and drive game changing innovation.

Fostering the Culture of Innovation and enhance overall thought leadership, setting of a custom InnoMan (Innovation Management) Framework

    • Setup of InnoMan architecture – key activities & stakeholders (a framework modeled around: Identifying, Prioritizing/Analyzing, Implementing/Executing and Monitoring/ Rewarding & Recognizing Innovations). 
    • Making ‘skunkworks’ mainstream to ‘turning the tanker’ in the right direction.
    • Philosophy setting from Mindset to ‘Heartset’, Innovation as a pre-cursor to corporate strategy; building conviction, getting into the ‘zone’, applying the FAT principle and tips for the innovative leader.
    • Key traits of innovation – constituents of a meaningful culture, setting up of an ideal ‘Collabovation’ approach; demystifying types of innovations from incremental to radical/disruptive.
    • Framework for Innovation Management covering various methodologies and case examples e.g. Sharp, BMW, Nokia, Google, Apple, Siemens top+ (some of the organizations I have worked closely with). Setting of an IM discipline. 
    • Performing a detailed internal review of Innovation related activities, searching gaps and areas to address/fix.
    • Cornerstones to enable innovation with recommendations – Stimulating, Pre-requisites and Commercialization.
    • IdeaBox optimization – use of new age tools to enhance value proposition with strong social media connects; expanding the Innovation Network, Rapid Analysis, Prototyping & Market Validation via simulations and pilots. Inspiring & motivating employees to contribute and nurture ideas, creating ‘sticky’ internal & external competitions.
    • Learnings from Frugal / Grass-root / Reverse innovation (incorporating the ‘Jugaad’ phenomena) with several examples of Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship where emerging markets are leapfrogging. Several aspects of bridging various divides (socio-economic, digital, learning,…). Thinking big to Impact big (think billions not thousands or millions) as you consider the major problems faced by mankind – opportunities to create meaningful ingenious solutions.
    • Various other knowledge sharing of learnings from failures (‘FLearnings’) to ensure we ‘fail faster to succeed sooner’.

    Anuraj Gambhir

    Strategic Advisor and Innovation Catalyst

    anuraj@usa.net ; +61 449 181 609